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An ephemeral intervention at  Universidad Complutense de Madrid 2019. Madrid, Spain.

This art-work is an ephemeral site-specific intervention. It is an installation only made with masking type, it has the shape of The Venus de Milo. This prentends to expose an actual situatiom that is hapennig in Spain, a country that is professedly advanced on Human Rights where freedom of expression and opinion is not totally allowed. Exists a real artistic censorship. It is a social critic to the Spanish system and Spanish society.

"CENSORED" becomes the starting point of an investigation work about censure, the art that is censured and the one that wants to be censored. It denounces the costume of a system that looks like it is advanced in human rights but underhands the basic rights like the expression one.

“Censored”, 2018.
Masking tape.

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