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Selected work at Frequenzwerk Gallery, Berlin, Germany.

 "Souvenirs from anywhere" brings together my personal diaries and photographs from the last few years, where the feeling of attachment has been fading and becoming diluted. It is a project that reflects on individual memory, the meaning of home and the search for one's own identity. It is a walk through memories, the search for reminiscences and the search for the comforting feeling of home.

Being away from where you are from for so long, the feeling of home starts to collide. On the one hand there is the acquired home, the one that you haven't had to look for, that comes innate, in my case, Santander, where my parents live. On the other hand, photographed are the houses in which I fell by chance, grey cities where, being lost without any kind of location or sign, I began to walk and build. How will you undertake the search for that whose nature you don't know at all?

This project is an open door to walk, a door to my personal life and a window to my memories. More everyday scenes, implausible, full of emotions of sadness and delirium, of euphoria and love, of alunations and some heartbreak. Because dear viewer, you are having access to...

"There’s another art of being at home in the unknown, so that being in its midst isn’t cause for panic or suffering, of being at home with being lost."- Rebeca Solnit

"Souvenirs from anywhere"

Series of photographs combined with drawings, mixed media. 2022.

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