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Within the framework of the reflection I once undertook on the way in which the artistic experience delimits our perception of space and time,  my work draws on elements of a social and everyday nature associated with the daily of our normative social relationships. 

Through the use of metaphor and irony, in specific interventions in order to use art as a motor of change. Always bearing in mind the three elements that make up the equation of my work: feminism, the questioning of established power dynamics and technology applied to the transhuman era. 

The idea of "reclaiming" is essential in my work, it allows me to establish a relationship in language between the public and the work, although always open and and recomposed to enhance other meanings. Its echo reverberates in space, either through  an installation, through sculpture, through drawing or photography.
It emphasises this relationship with the spectator in a sensorial and spatial way. In these cracks nestles the concern of the society in which we find ourselves and towards which we are heading, an entity in 
an entity in continuous and accelerated change that we are barely able to control.

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