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As a participant in the exhibition "Camino" 2022 . Exhibition room La Trasera, Madrid, Spain..

Partying is a contemporary ritual that allows us to dissolve our own personality, make a transgression of routine and an illusion of feelings of community, freedom and enjoyment. In a pandemic era our freedoms are taken away.

"Via Crucis" is a performance that proposes an itinerary of worship to the temples of the twentyfirst century, nightclubs and places of partying and celebration, throughout Berlin. It consists of fourteen stations, as in the original via crucis, and is carried out in a circular, practically infinite sense without a marked beginning or end. It reflects on daily walking, pilgrimage and nomadic walking as a point of reflection and an approach to walking as an aesthetic, symbolic and creative act.

The work deals with the parallels between the feast as a contemporary ritual and religion. The party is understood as a ritual from its origins, the origin of the party is related to the principles of religion and at the same time with the profane, ambiguous affirmation that fits perfectly with the postmodern character and its propensity to vary the elements of the equation of the interpretation of
reality according to its individualistic guidelines.


Performance, mixed media. 2020.

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