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Selected as one of the best Master Thesis of UE 2023.

As a selected participant in the graduated exhibition at University for Applied Sciences of Europe . Berlin, Germany.

Rav-ble is a work that seeks to question the relationship between the sacred and the profane. This book encourages the viewer to reflect on how religious beliefs and practices can influence our experience of music and rave culture, and how this culture can also have an impact on our relationship with the divine,via the fusion of these two modalities of expression, which at first glance may seem to be in antagonism.

It is a challenging and deep investigation of mankind and its inner tensions that addresses the difference between the traditional Catholic upbringing and rave culture and drug use.

Through the combination of images from the rave scene with Catholic iconography and photographs from the artist’s personal family photo archive, Rav-ble challenges the viewer to consider the similarities and differences between these two different realities. Furthermore, how these two festive rituals may influence and complement one another.

“Dance parties have transmuted the role that organised religion once had
to lift us onto the sacramental and supramental plane.” - Ray Castle


Series of photographs + Limited edition book, mixed media. 2023.

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