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"We advise drinking thread" is an allegory of childhood and a critique of the established power, of a system that ignores, participates, collaborates and covers up child abuse.


It is a criticism of the top of the pyramid, of the most powerful, who abuse their privileges.


Inside the castle there are three written figures: 1,855,041, the number of minors who are being abused in Spain; 148,403, the number of cases that are reported, that is, only 8%; and 44,521, the number of cases that go to trial, 2%. These figures are accompanied by an unpleasant sound stimulus: baby cries accompanied by a clock, every 12 minutes a complaint of child abuse is filed in our country. These interventions provoke the sought-after contrast that the piece represents: terribly overwhelming, uncomfortable, irritating and claustrophobic inside, against a happy, childish and naive exterior. It is precisely here where the metaphor of the work lies, a boy or girl who is suffering any type of abuse, at first glance is just as innocent and childish as anyone, it is in this case the viewer who has to make the effort to enter in his life, in the castle, to discover the truth, a dark, suffocating and unpleasant truth inside.


A harsh and horrible denunciation of childhood that 20% of the Spanish population suffers or has suffered, and that no matter how much it is denounced, is hidden and ignored in favor of the high rank.

"We advise drinking thread", 2021

Only recycled materials. Mixed media. 2,40x3x2,4 

Made with the artist: Marta Salgado.

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